What You Imagine You Create, End of the Year Resolution

What You Feel You Attract What You Imagine You Create.

What You Imagine You Create, End of the Year Resolution.

It’s December so it’s the perfect time to make plans for next year. What are your ideas about 2017? Where do you see yourself at the end of next year? Do you want to change your morning routine? Do you want to be more creative or maybe you want to be more nature-friendly?

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And for the rest of the list you want to achieve in 2017, I might have a solution too!

Write down your goals.

Imagine your goals as if money wasn’t an object. What would your goals be about? Is it about health? Maybe your relationship or  your loved ones? Is it about to building your own company and working for yourself?

I dare you to think big as if money wasn’t an object; what does your future look like?

Visualize it.

Budha said “What You Think, You Become. What You Feel You Attract. What You Imagine You Create”.

You have to really see all your goals in front of your eyes as if you already have it. Imagine what you wear, how your new life feels, where do you live, and what type of car you drive? Close your eyes and feel it, taste it, smell it.

Is your goal is to have a dream home? Close your eyes and feel yourself in that new life, feel the smell of the room, hear the sounds around you, be there sitting in your dream living room.

Or is your goal to own your dream car? Imagine what color it would be? How many doors does it have? When you drive it for the first time who is with you? Do you feel the wind on your cheeks when you open the window?

Create a dream board.

A dream board is the best tool you can use to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on your life goals. Buy a notebook, a cork-board, or design a wall in your room with the dreams and goals you want to achieve. You can print, draw, or cut from magazines everything you have on your mind.

Get into details, let your mind flow and then write all your goals down. Put them on a paper with all the necessary details.

Be passionate and 100% committed to your goals.

Your dream building is worthless if you don’t already feel them becoming part of your life. When you think about your goals it should instantly bring a smile to your face. When you talk to your friends about your goal they should see in your eyes the passion and feel that you really want that thing to happen.
It might take a day, a week , a month, or a year to achieve your goal. Stop and think for a minute, isn’t it easier to live a life full of passion and positivity rather than a life with no dreams or purpose to fulfill?

Finally remember when you have a dream the only thing stopping you is YOU. If you think you are too heavy, you are right, if you think you are not clever enough, you are right, if you think you don’t deserve all the good things in your life, you are right. If you find different reasons why this won’t work, you are also right.

You are right about all those negative feelings in your life…but what if you had been positive from the start, wouldn’t you have had a greater chance to win?

Start to dream today and start to change those dreams into reality.




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What You Imagine You Create, End of the Year Resolution

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