In the morning they realized that there were no women in the breakfast area of the hotel where they stayed at in Yiwu, China. None at all!

There were only men with their laptops in front of them probably sorting out their schedule for that day.

…and then the guide they hired to translate for them said; “we don’t have so many women clientele, you are the only ones”. This made them question themselves: is the e-commerce business only for men?

Throughout the history of online businesses, people have used the internet to research how to make better decisions about starting or running their online businesses. Sometimes that research is so hard to understand or just difficult to dig deeper into without spending a lot of money on courses that promise to teach you how to do business online as well as in China.

  We want to create with Sharp and Savvy a support network for women to inspire confidence and success.

Combining all of our powers to solve the biggest problems:

  “How to get into the e-commerce business and exporting products from China?”

We are here to guide you with simple and free information based on our personal experiences. You are also welcome to share yours if you have made one, two or a few trips already to China or if you deal with an e-commerce business in general.

Together let’s make the marketing business more lovable and friendly.

We believe that you are smart and with a little confidence and support you can be successful, so Welcome to our Family and thanks for joining us on this awesome journey.

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* This site welcomes all the gentlemen out there who would love to give a helping hand to the women who decide to start living the life they imagine and deserve.

Thank you,

Sharp and Savvy Team