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A short bio about Professional Nutritionist Apollonas Georgios Kapsalis

Apollonas Georgios Kapsalis is a professional nutritionist, supplement expert, writer, and editor with a great deal of experience in writing for specialized sports and lifestyle magazines. He attended the Attic College for Sports science and nutrition in Athens, Greece. As a professional athlete, Apollonas has been playing basketball for several European clubs. During this period he attended many international competitions.

In his career as an athlete and personal trainer, Apollonas established some of his very own techniques and diet programs. His specialty is fitness supplementation, sports rehabilitation programs, weight loss and muscle gain programs.

Personally, he loves to explore different cultures and philosophies of ancient and modern times. He is greatly inspired by ancient Greek philosophy, mythology, history and especially the art. He claims that we can learn a lot about life and health from a single classical ancient statue. This was the main reason why he decided to write a book about ancient Greek nutrition which he will publish soon. Other than sports, nutrition, fitness, and supplementation, Apollonas has a great deal of experience in public speeches, giving lectures and leading workshops.

Currently resides in two historical towns, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina where his wife is from, and his hometown Athens, Greece.

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Apollonas Georgios Kapsalis

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