Motivation, on your way to a better version of yourself.

Create the mind and the body that you wished for just with motivation.

Our bodies have a lot of potentials and with the right motivation, it’s a powerful weapon.

The human body is, as many artists through the history showed, a true work of art. It has been an inspiration through ages. And what’s best about it, your body is totally your own!

With it you can create, you can do unbelievable things. You can achieve most difficult tasks and you can undo many wrong turns that your body might have taken through difficult life moments.

But don’t be sad because now getting back on the right path is easier than ever.

Your anatomy is your draft. You are a builder.

Beneath your skin lies a plan for your fastest, strongest, most powerful and most beautiful body. Everything is possible, millions of people have shown that even the most difficult metamorphosis and changes can be achieved.

Muscles and bone anatomy, muscle function, and biomechanics can be used to full potential only with the right exercises and balanced diet. This is also influencing our spirit, our mind, and our self-esteem. The first step is to lift our motivation, our mindset to the right frequency. The frequency of “I can and I will”!

As it is important to exercise your body, the same stands for your mind. You can train your mind to think positive. You can strengthen your mind, spirit, and the body will follow.

It is necessary to find a passion for change. Giving up is the lack of motivation. You can motivate yourself with one million methods. But the best motivation is the knowledge that the power is in your hands, your will, and your body.

Many people give up because of the lack of quick results but the results are right in front of us a combination of diet and exercise. If these two categories are not in balance, the results will fail or will be barely visible. Same as with our body, we need to work on the mental training as much as the body training and diet.

In modern times the food is all over the place. When you go out of your home, the food is everywhere. In the streets, restaurants, shops, at your workplace… Because of this abundance, it is necessary to be careful, to be informed how to choose the food that is healthy, good quality and which is in general good for us.

But most of all, it’s really important to keep your portions in balance. You can eat almost everything, but in well-organised portions which will be more than enough to your body to get to the mode of sculpturing itself. You will not believe how the body works itself. If we give it a new path, very soon it will follow it alone. It’s almost as if our body has its own intelligence. If we want to look and feel better, the body will follow!

Many of us have a big addiction to sugar.

Sweets in general, above all, from the time of our childhood, represent something heavenly, something that brings comfort, good feelings, fun and even happiness. But, in contrast, all the studies have shown, too much sugar is leading to excess weight, health problems, and general malnutrition.

For lovers of sweets, there are healthier variants in the form of stevia, a natural sweetener that has no calories or other negative aspects of refined sugar. It even, as some studies have proven, have health benefits on our body.

Stevia is a plant which is used in natural medicine or Phototherapy for centuries and millennia in South America, therefore, you can use a stevia in cooked and baked dishes and as an addition to fresh fruits, drinks or coffee. Stevia can be found in pharmacies or health food stores.

The right combination of motivation, self-training and believe will give the results.

Stay positive and even try to motivate others around you. One of the best ways to staying motivated is to have the support of loved ones and friends. Family members can join you!

Finally, know that the power is in your hands and above all use it and see the miracle of your body and soul shining all around! Be the one that excels by proving that everything can be achieved when you want it so much.

By Sharp and Savvy’s very own nutritionist Apollonas G. Kapsalis

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Motivation, on your way to a better version of yourself

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